International and all natural inspired culinary artisan

Kevin Fung, born and raised in Canada with over 30 years experience, is an expert in the food & beverage industry with a record of excellent customer service and satisfaction. He is very versatile and has great knowledge of all aspects of the restaurant industry, as well as franchising.


Kevin Fung is always looking for new ways to expand and grow into other markets in order to stay diverse.



Kevin Fung thrives while taking risks, setting trends, and doing cutting edge things.


Detail oriented

Kevin Fung is independent, self-motivated and has an eye for detail. He has strong teamwork, time management and interpersonal skills, and works well under pressure.

Values & Philosophies

Seeing his customers with smiles on their faces is what continues to motivate Kevin and defines his success and values. He provides amazing customer service while aiming to be the best. This philosophy is very important to Kevin and must be present in all staff  members. By building a team of people who share the same values, Kevin is able to achieve success and his goals.

Kevin places great importance on incorporating social and environmental responsibilities within his work. He uses only high quality organic ingredients in all his restaurants and has also stopped making sushi due to its environmental impacts. He cares about the health of our planet and his customers, which is why sustainable and organic ingredients are always used. 

Strengths & Skills

Works Well Under Pressure

Enjoys Challenges

Quick learner

Resourceful & Knowledgeable



Strong People Skills

Customer Satisfaction

Environmentally Conscious

Consulting Experience

Franchising Experience

Versatile and Motivated

Enthusiastic and Encouraging

Independent Resto Experience

Conceptualization Skills

Management Skills

Marketing Skills





Kevin’s international Japanese restaurants are yearly ranked in the top 10 of their category with amazing reviews.


Rameniac Restaurant

Owner and Founder 2021

TaigaKare Restaurant

Owner and Founder 2021

Ichigo Ichie Izakaya

Owner and Founder 2016

Yokato Yokabai

Owner and Founder 2015

Imadake Izakaya

Owner and Founder 2009

Sushi Shop

Franchise Manager and Business Consultant 2009

Oishii Sushi Restaurant

Owner, Manager and Head Chef 2003-2008

Second Cup Coffee Shop

Franchise owner and Manager 2002-2003

Kota Ramen

Owner and Founder


Bamboo Asian Bistro

Partner and Manager 2001-2002

TokiDoki Sushi Bar

Owner, Manager and Chef 2000-2001

Prima Donna Resto Bar

Sushi Chef 1998-2000

Soto Sushi Bar

Sushi Chef 1994-1998


Live Green

Kevin strongly believes in living a sustainable lifestyle in order to help save our planet. He has taken many efforts as a culinary artisan to incorporate green ideologies and use high quality sustainable products in the kitchen and workplace.


This website is powered by 100% renewable energy, encouraging an eco-friendly way of life, which aligns with Kevin’s philosophies and values.